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       Wellness Innovation Services

Looking beyond the basic or predicted methodologies to address health and wellness is nothing new. I've been blending all the effective elements of health and wellness lifestyle activities for over 20 years. The key to success is finding the mix that works with you and your needs. get ready to start on the path the the best part of your life!

Executive Coaching for business leaders and owners

Having a trusted, confidential and insightful sounding board to process and expand experiences with is indispensable. 

Many top executive coaches agree that receiving coaching from a trained therapist far surpasses the effectiveness gained. Don't trust your future to just anyone.

For over 25 years, Patricia has worked with industry leaders, business owners and C-Suite level executives to enhance their productivity.

Originally from Metro Detroit, Patricia has provided coaching to a diverse clientele. The past 7 years in the Texas Hill Country have added to that experience base.

If you're ready to take your career and life to the next level, its your time.


You're here reading this because you've decided that it's time to make the changes you need to make in order to live the best life now!  With over 29 years of experience helping people heal, we work with you to set your goals and the plan to address them.  We listen to you, the expert and guide you to discovering your happiness and confidence.  

I use specific therapies to address your needs including but not limited to: CBT, DBT, EMDR, CPT and talk therapy. 

Patricia completed EMDR training with Christy Sprowls, PsyD in 2018. She has obtained her EMDRIA certification in 2021. 

Articles & Resources
Therapy Services​

- Individual Counseling

- Couples Therapy

- Family Counseling

- Coping & Adjusments

- Anger Management

- Group Therapy

-Assessment Services

-Trauma and PTSD

-Women's issues

-Mood dysregulation

-Anxiety and Depression

-Career and life coaching

​Skills and Tools Learned

​- Communication Skills

- Thought Restructuring

- Self Esteem Improvement

- Mood regulation

- Career and Vocational Development

-Self Advocacy

-Symptom Management


​At School

- Advocate for  IEP and 504 Accommodation

- Collaborate with teachers on tasks​
- Develop techniques to communicate​
- Assist with program modification​
- Provide resources for school staff​

  • Caring psychotherapy to address depression, PTSD, anxiety, and bipolar disorder to name a few. 

  • We provide guidance during difficult transitions such as job change, family illness, relocation and divorce.

  • Gender re-assignment, LGBQT, Same sex marriage and relationship stress of all types.

  • Self esteem, self-advocacy and communication skill building. 

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