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Executive Coaching 

Individual Counseling

I like to work with adults who want to make a change to the way they interact with and think about the world. Imagine your best life...every day!  Learn how to be confident, calm and focused.   Expert cognitive behavioral therapy and EMDR presented in a collaborative way to help you develop and achieve your goals.  We will work together to banish anxiety, fear, depression and relationship issues.

Group sessions are available for targeted treatment areas.

Marriage Counseling 

Working with couples in all stages of their relationship is a special interest area.  We will explore healthy relationship patterns inspired by The Gottman Couples Counseling method for lasting results.  Invest in your relationship for a happier tomorrow.

Pre-marital counseling can help set up a couple to thrive rather than spend the first few years of their marriage figuring out communication and boundaries. 

Providing insight building, guidance and skill development to assist C-Suite executives on their path to achieving their personal and professional goals.


Pilates and Core focused classes

Wellness Retreats

Mindfulness Training


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916 E. Blanco Road,

Suite 500

Boerne, Texas 78006

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